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Today, we're gonna make an education puzzle game which uses simple math equations and matching logic.


A math equation will appear, and the user will answer the result by clicking multiple choices below. The challenge is, to answer the question within 5 seconds. If you fail or enter false answer, game over. But if true, proceed to next question.

1.) Insert touch and function plugin.

2.) On start of layout call function "Create()" to make the question, which we'll create it later. Now, let's focus on the gameplay.

2.) Add global variable "REMANING_TIME" (number) to count the time. Then, subtract it by 1 every one second, if it's value is greater than -1.

3.) If REMAINING_TIME is equal to -1, game over.

4.) Create two text object "txt_Time" and " txt_Check".

txt_Time will display REMAINING_TIME, and txt_Check will be used to display "Game Over" text.

Note that we use "&" to join string (text) with variable.


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