Mario style platform example with Spriter animated player

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Since I don't know what to do with this it could hopefully be useful to someone.


-I think you might need latest Spriter plugin

-Events are not commented but there are a lot of groups

-This is not constructed as tutorial and there are still some small bugs

YouTube Video


-Spriter animated player character

-3 powerup examples

---Jet pack is kind of triple jump

---Boots will sprint you to speeds that brake blocks on impact (double tab)

---Glider (keep pressing jump key and you can glide quite far)

-4 example levels

-hidden collectible keys (3 per level)

-moving platforms

-appearing and disappearing blocks



-and other platforming goodness


arrows to move

z to run

x to jump

Last update 01.17.2014

-updated to v.158

-included spriter files


Download now 309 KB

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