Mario Jump the easy way! (low & high Jump)



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hey guys!

here's a quick tutorial about the the typical Mario jump, low-jump & high-jump

- & no jetpack effect!

i needed this effect last night for a small side-project but could not easily find a good answer.

but it was actually very easy! (so I'll get started!)

Step 1:

-The basic Setup: Floor & Background.

-You create a floor: (insert Sprite, Add Solid behavior)

(my quick-drawn floor has invisibility on top, change the collision model in the image editior-)

(also notice how the floor should be in Layer: "Game" , so will the character/Enemies/etc.)

p.s.: i like having a blue background so you can see everything clearly.

Step 2:

- Add the Character & his basic settings.

*-Add a sprite & give him a Solid Behavior & platform Behavior.

(the following settings could be different for you,

but you'll have to play & add minimal changes anyways because otherwise your platformer won't ever feel good.

PlayerSprite Behavior Settings:

-Max Speed: 300

-Acceleration: 1500 (Default)

-Deceleration: 1500 (Default)

-Jump Strength: 500

-Gravity: 850

-Max Fall Speed: 1000

Default Controls: no (forgot to toggle in the image!)

(Also: add keyboard/Touch! )

Step 3:

- Adding the right Jumping Behavior!

Where the fun happens!

i'll try to explain this in Text as good as possible:

1 - Keyboard - on UP pressed:

PlayerSprite - Simulate Platform Pression jump &

Playersprite - Set Platform Gravity to 850

2 - Keyboard - on UP Released:

Playersprite - Set Platform Gravity to 1500


3 - PlayerSprite - Platform On landed:

Playersprite - Set Platform Gravity to 850

4 - Finally: you can add:

    PlayerSprite - Platform is Falling:

PlayerSprite - Set Gravity to 1500

Explanation on the above code:

1: Up arrow makes the Character Jump & Gravity is Lowered to 850 (less gravity is more jump)

2: Up arrow released = Reset settings to default: strong gravity so the player falls down, and not hover!

3: Player landed: you might want him to have a low or higher gravity set when walking (play testing for your game)

4: while falling (and this happens right after the Zero-gravity point of the jump): you can give the player a falling animation here, of make him fall faster by increasing the gravity to 1500, or hover him down with something low like 500.

I Hope the tutorial is usefull, let me know if there's anything to change, suggestions, tips..




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