Making vehicals in Construct 2



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Making cars is a bit tricky. getting in and taking control of one is simple but the problem is getting out. It took me a while but I finally figured it out. Once you have it to where your character is pinned into the vehical. You destroy your character and either.....

1. Pin a second object and re-spawn him there


2. Spawn a character at the vehicals coordinates plus or minus a few pixels depending on the vehicals size

A problem with this is that if yoor character has a weapon pinned to it or any items then the items are left behind when you destroy them and the character to get in the vehical.

It's easy to respawn those items when you get out but if you have a shop in the game it gets complicated (Depending on the situations it will spawn you with the object in question every time or none of the time) If any one knows how to get it to work properly please add a paragraph below on how you made it work.


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