Making an Interactive Treasure Map

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The Level Events

As you've no doubt realized, the levels we've created aren't complete levels. All we need int order to demonstrate the treasure map functionality is:

a) a way to get back to the map (the map thumbnail) and

b) a way to signal that the player has discovered all the "secrets" of the level and earned the privilege of advancing to the next level. To make it simple, all all we want the player to do in our levels is to click on the Feature object.

1. Open the Level Events event sheet and create an On touch event that goes to the Map layout when the Map sprite is touched:

2. Add another On touch event that adds 1 to the known locations when the Feature object is clicked. This is what reveals the next map location when you return to the map. The extra conditions keep from adding multiple times or adding more locations than exist.

3. Go back to the Map layout and test the game. When you click on the area around the little house and the compass rose you'll go to the Home level.

Once in the home level, if you click directly on the map thumbnail without doing anything else you'll go back to the map, but notice that there are no new areas of the map revealed.

Click on the Home location again, but this time click on the Feature object (the house) to trigger the reveal of the next area. Now when you go back to the map the Windmill area is revealed. Of course in your game you'll include all sorts of mind-bending and dastardly puzzles and traps to overcome, not just a simple click on a giant graphic!


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