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Extra Tips

Put the name of your game in the stream’s title

Even if no one watches your stream when they go to the Game Development category they will see the name of your game. It’s said that people have to see/read something seven times before they recognize it and this is a opportunity to be one of those times.

Use Nightbot or Moobot

Twitch’s chat is missing a lot of functionality (there isn’t even a notification sound for new chats) so use Nightbot or Moobot to help you moderate your chatroom and add a bunch more features.

Turn on archiving

Twitch doesn’t automatically archive your broadcasts, you have to turn it on. Got to http://www.twitch.tv/settings/channel and turn it on under Channel Settings. Your videos will eventually expire but you can export them to youtube. You may want to record your streams to your hard drive with your streaming program as well.

Add a banner to the video of your stream

Create banner as a .png file and use it as a source in your streaming program to let people know the game you are working on right on top of the video.

Watch other people’s streams

Here are some streams I recommend -

2dgamedev - A Construct 2 streamer who is streaming their adventure game. This guy is amazing at pixel art and very fast

Y2bcrazy - A voxel artist who is working on 5+ games at once. He’s very friendly and approachable and is incredible at what he does

Postopptransiant - an excessively chill dude who streams the dev of a horror game in Unity

And finally…

Generic_ghost - Me! I stream my Construct 2 games and the vector art I create for them.

Thanks for reading and make sure to post a link to your twitch.tv channel in the comments so we can follow you!


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