Magic Carpet Ride (Almost!)

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I wanted to figure out how to simulate a magical flying carpet for my next game, and here's a trick I learned using the Pulse effect in Construct 2.

First off, you'll need a carpet, either save the one I used, create your own, or download one online. Because my game will be isometric, I skewed the carpet before importing it so it fits into an isometric world.

As the carpet was going to be levitating I placed a simple shadow beneath it as well. Place your carpet and its shadow into Construct.

Give the Carpet the Pulse Effect with the following parameters:

Next, I liked the idea of its altitude fluctuating slightly, so I gave it a Vertical sine movement Behaviour with the following stats:

Since the carpet is going to be moving, its shadow is going to be alternating as well. Give it the Sine behaviour to modify its size as below (actually I went with 10 instead of 15 for magnitude, but it's your choice). Make sure the Period for the shadow and the carpet are equal.

Click play and you've got yourself a magic carpet ride (well, not really, but you've the start of one).

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