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Welcome to the Lockbox plugin

Sometimes you need to secure your data within the browser before saving or sending it elsewhere. With this plugin you can do just that and more. A perfect addition to any login actions. Suggest email addresses based on user input, utilize a point system to determine the relative strength of a password(Includes make sure the username is not part of the password), and you can hash your password to protect the real password from prying eyes before saving it or sending it elsewhere. Finally you can further secure any data using encryption. Just input the text you want to secure and the password you wish to use and the plugin will do the rest for you.

If you have picked up a copy of the plugin, Thank you very much for your purchase. Here you will find simple instructions on how to use the plugin.

If you have not picked up a copy of the plugin, you can see a live example:


You can also pick up a copy here:

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