Local Storage: Saving a High Score per level

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

In this quick video I will show you how to use the Local storage plugin in Construct 2 to save a high score for each one of your game levels.

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You can find the project used for this video here: http://bit.ly/c2localstorageFixed

This video was created after someone asked me about more details on how to work with the Local Storage plugin and, in particular, how to store many different values in an efficient way.

By no means this is the only possible answer, but I think it is a good approach to use the flexibility of the key system to store multiple values without a hassle.

PS: the original file was created with the "Platform Plus" plugin, to avoid problems for those that have vanilla C2, I recreated the project and can be downloaded here bit.ly/c2localstorageFixed



Download now 180.91 KB

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  • Hi, I'm having issues with local storage on mobile. When I test on PC it works fine, but when I test on mobile it doesn't work.

    Please share your email with me, it would be great if you can help me.