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Young lady ask me if I could do tutorial for selecting level depending on game level is successfully be the victor. I am sure many of you thought about it and possibly created is well. I am doing this very basic one. There wont to many lines of code. Just basic but effective one is well.

Let’s start 1st create new project and name it as you like. Let the windows size to be default too. Create background or just use colour like I have in tutorial CAPX. Size for layer can be whatever you wish but, for tutorial use:

1. Set layer size 854, 480

2. 2 set background colour to BLUE

3. Add text header LEVEL SELCTOR

Add sprite and name it btn_Levels where btn stands for BUTTON. Add another frame to btn_Level or use my below:

Set animation speed to zero (0)

Now add 3 more layers and name them each Level_0, Level_1, and level_2 same as I have done. You do need 2 events sheets and name them as I have below:

Now insert new objects Audio, Keyboard, Mouse, Touch and LocalStorage. Once you done that your layout should look something like below:

The other layout looks like this just for tutorial:

Now open you’re EVENT EDITOR and on Level_Select event sheet add these lines below:

Add global variable Level = 0


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