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Nursery school teacher asked me if I could give her code or instruction how to create number counting. Where her child can click on any number on PC, Tablets, and smart phones where audio can be used for learning objective. By using audio child can learn fast.

I am ready to help this young lady but, I am also in favour of letting others to learn and teach young children too. Therefore instead of giving her code I am putting this tutorial for everyone on Construct 2 forum. so everyone could benefit from.

Before I start on project I must thank the person GDquest for animation technique I used in this tutorial.

Let’s start open Construct 2 and click new project. Name it Numbers or whatever you wish.

1. Set windows size to 854, 480

2. Set layer size to 854, 480

3. Set margin to 854, 480

4. Name layer Background

5. Add another layer and call it numbers

6. Add another layer and call it text

7. Add touch control

8. Add audio control

9. If you wish to add other control that is entire up to your desire.

Let us create background with sprite and water effects. Call this sprite Watereffect. Your background looks like below

Adding effects click on effect and scroll down and use WaterBackground effects. Use this parameter below

Background done, let’s lock it.

On next layer we are adding sprites with number on it. Layer looks something like below.


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