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Learn Construct 2 where you are with the C2 Basic application. In it we will have several issues about Construct 2 with a basic level without much difficulty. When reading about a subject you will receive a question about it. If you answer correctly you will go to the next part, if erre will return to the previous page to study.

Soon we will have the Intermediate and Advanced versions.

We will have two versions, free and complete.

In the complete version we will have more functions to assist in the study, and the money we receive will be invested in new projects similar to the Basic C2 and their respective versions.

In the application we will have the following functions

- Online chat for questions

- Multiple language system

- Video lessons tips to help you understand more of the world of games and programming

- Manual with all expressions of C2

- And much more

Test Link

C2 Básico


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