How to make a laser




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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This tutorial attempts to show through demonstration, a method for others to create a laser and effect similar to that of the Star Trek: Enterprise. It can be adapted to be used in a variety of other games types or purposes.



Initially I had created a demonstration of the laser, uploaded it and hosted it in the Scirra Arcade. It can be found here. Click Here!. You can play the demonstration to understand the effect I mean.



Although it is not necessary to watch, I've produced a video of the above demonstration in action. With time and if needed I will produce a video tutorial in place of this.

The video can be watched here: Click Here!


Video Tutorial


The video tutorial can be found here. Click Here!



Interactive Tutorial

Having made that, and planning on creating a tutorial for it, I'd decided to go an unorthodox route and created an Interactive Tutorial. Which consists of both an example of the game and its use, as well as a written tutorial consisting of screen captures of the Event Sheets used for the game.This tutorial can be played here. Click Here!


Event Sheet & .Capx File

Full size images of the Event Sheet screen captures and the .capx file can be found




I apologies for the heavy use of images, the original tutorial was written in the comments section of the Event Sheet. Here's the tutorial:


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