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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

I've noticed there is barely any guides on how to post a highscore into kongregate as well as achievements so I thought id make a tutorial for it.

How to Export to Kongregate

As of the latest construct 2 You no longer are required to export the game as html instead export the game as Kongregate.

After you have exported your game upload the folder to your public drop box folder.

Once that has been uploaded visit the kongregate site and upload your game there

Make sure to select iframe and in the url box copy and paste your dropbox index.html file that you uploaded when exporting from construct 2 with the folder and select ur height and width of your game.

How to submit highscores into kongregate

Next below you will notice a box that says statistics api. This box will be used to make achievements and highscores.

Name your statistics anything you like. In the box shown above I am making a highscore for my test game so i will call my stastic score set the type to "Max Type" and for highscores to pop up along with others who play your game you MUST Checkmark "Display In LeaderBoards" or it will not appear to the right side of your game like the screenie given below. "Also please note that you have to submit atleast one score then refresh the game to view the score board to the right of the screen"

Next go on construct 2 and apply the kongregate object. Then make an event for your end game add action Kongregate > Submit Statistics > for the Name box Place in the name you gave for your statistics in the kongregate site. For me it was "Score" and my global variable was "timer"

and thats basically it for posting a highscore on kongregate

How to make achievements and a pop up messege at the end of a level

You can let players choose whether they want to submit there achievements on there page or shout out there stats by choosing Kongregate> Show Shoutbox > and write your messege and apply as shown on the screenie below.

I hope this covers the basics of using kongregate and hopefully helps alot of those who are wanting to know how to upload there games to kongregate without much hassle.


An example of a game made in construct 2

Possible other fixes to make scores and achievements show up

edit: I've noticed that some people were having issues with some of the scores and achievements not popping up.

I've provided a kongrate shell below for people to use. All you have to do is place this shell in your dropbox folder where your index.html file is located. Set the width and height sizes in the kongregate_shell for your game then save.

"As for your iframe url it will be index.html that you uploaded with the folder not kongregate_shell.html"

Kongregate shell right click to save


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