How to Keep Your Project Organized

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

This is a simple tutorial aiming to help you keep your project organized. Organization is important when working on anything, and it's a common practice for every programmer to organize projects, because it helps dealing with all the information contained within the development of a game.

By keeping your code clean and organized, you can find pieces of code at a glance, and other people will have an easier time finding errors if you ever need help.

Step 1: Organizing your folders

The first step is to keep your work environment well labeled. I always start my projects by creating the folders, so everything has a place.

First of all you have your main folder.

In it we make three new folders: assets, design and project.

• The assets folder is where we keep the images that we import into the game, such as sprites, backgrounds, ui elements, the sound and the music.

I recommend you subdivide it into these: graphics, sound and music.

And further divide the graphics folder into:

bg for background images.

enemies for sprites of enemies.

fx for visual effects.

player for the player's sprites.

ui for the user interface images and any other menus.

Keep in mind this is not a rule, you can add other folders if needed to.

• The design folder is used for any file that is related to the planning and marketing of the game. In it, I usually keep files such as the photoshop files I use to make my game's graphics.

You can add two other folders to it:

documents which will hold any file that you use for planning, such as word and excel documents.

marketing which will hold files such as screenshots and other material you will show other people.

• The project folder will hold your construct .caproj file and its folders. I find it easier to keep my project in a .caproj format, rather than a .capx format, in case I need to directly edit one of its files.


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