How to make Jump Effect for Hyper Space


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I have been asked by one person that if I could help him make a spaceship jumping hyperspace effect. He was prepared to pay me as well. I am sorry god has given me an adequate amount of wealth apart from healthiness.

Therefore my answer is and always will be that I will teach everyone or no one at all. I want to help Construct 2 forum so these people can also benefit from this. Therefore here is small demo for all you whom wish to learn.

1. Open construct 2 and new project

2. Window set size to 640, 640

3. Layer 0 size same 640, 640 and background colour to Black

4. Add another layer

5. Layer 0 name it background, Layer 1 call it Centre Point

For this tutorial you will need 4 sprites

First create all sprite like below and place it likes below

Place centrepoint sprite on Centre Point layer and spaceship also on same layer.

Place Longsprite and shortsprite on Background now your screen will look like this

No global variables, only we will add these lines.

Open your Event Editor and add these lines below

Thats that now run it it should work fine. Rest is upto you what to do with and how to use it in your own project. If you don't know how then let me know I will provide capx. For this tutorial I have provided capx



Download now 293.15 KB

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