Jrpg inventory/list a modified version of Katala tutorial.


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I added in two sprite one max Y and one Min Y and place them where the top of the text scroll and the other max Y at the bottom edge of the text scroll.

And then I added in a function with the help of Korbaach who gave me this idea of using the Y as a handler for the text-boxes.

And you can see the capx example

It isn't my work alone but It should make some project far much easier to deal with such as if you doing a battle screen and you need a list but don't want to use a giant sprite and having to recreate each time you had to move. Or if you wanted to do a drag n drop, move-able menu in a scrolling style.

Don't ask me if you want to mix it up I'm not too sure on every event but there is comment on them that should explain everything.

Also most of the tutorial out there are kinda lame in a sense that it isnt scrollable just moving things up n down and using a giant overlay sprite that hide such weird way.



Download now 179.06 KB

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