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I search for a simple tutorial teaching how to make an isometric map with the Tile map object but i couldn't find it so I decided to make one.

These is a fast tutorial, who ask to be improve, but it might help those who wants to build an isometric map.

1.Creat a Tilemap object with your Isometric tiles

in this one I use 64x32 px tiles separate with 1 px

2. Creat a second Tilemap object with the same tile above the first one

Here you change the properties ( if your tiles are good you should just have to divide by 2 the width and the height, not like mine )

And now with the "pencil tile tool", select your tile and draw them and your tilemap.

Be careful you can't drag your tile, you have to places them by clicking

And'its done.

I hope it will help some of you and if you find better or faster methods,please let me know.


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  • Nice idea. Thank you!

    In the new C3, you can use the TileMovement behavior (with Isometric=True) to move on isometric tilemaps.

    Also, if you don't have half-tiles like the tutorial (e.g. blue tiles), you can shift the 2nd tilemap a negative X distance until it fits perfectly.