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Why this tutorial ?

Some people in the Construct 2 community like me or Vtrix are using a computer with French or Belgium keyboard ... and when we are testing our games, we are tired to say always the same thing ! : "Give your games a international keyboard settings support !".

Don't forget that some players in the world will never buy or never play a game which is not "think" for us. So why loose players and perhaps also money because you have not read this tutorial humm ?

What is the problem ?

- Using the "Arrow keys" to move

On all keyboards we can use the "Arrow keys" to move and unless using specific gamers keyboards these keys are always on the right side with a inverted-T layout so really think for that ... but if i use my right hand to move a mouse ...

- I'm a player not a octopus !

So keep in mind that "Arrow keys" are good for people using the mouse with the left hand ... for those using the mouse with the right hand, it's better to use 4 letters on the left side of keyboards with the same inverted-T layout.

- "WASD" ? this "4" letters are not the same ...

- On english keyboard also known as "QWERTY" keyboard, people commonly use the letters "WASD" with left hand to move.

- On French/Belgium keyboards also known as "AZERTY" keyboards, people commonly use the letters "ZQSD" with left hand to move.

Don't panic, it's quite easy to create games that support the two settings ...

Just keep in mind doing that !

-> "W" and "Z" keys must have the same behaviour in your games.

-> "A" and "Q" keys must have the same behaviour in your games.

So in 3 seconds using a "Make 'or' block" in Construct 2 and 0 events you can proudly say : "my game support international keyboard settings" !

Good international users thinking games to all !

(Additional notes)

1°) Some games such as Tribes 2 solve this problem using "ESDF" keys because this keys can be use on "QWERTY" and "AZERTY" keyboards too !

2°) A new specific keyboard settings called "DSK" for "Dvorak Simplified Keyboard" also exists in all countries ... it's pretty unused because people don't want to change !!! if you want to bring "WASD" like support for "DSK" keyboard use this keys : ",AOE".


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  • Very nice. Thanks for the good tutorial, this is simple and very useful! Well done and thanks for sharing!