Important programs for game development

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After spending a lot of time on making games on C2, I have used several programs I saw necessary for making games. If you are willing to make games professionally, these programs are going to help you a lot in game making on C2.

Note: This tutorial is mainly for developers who make games for PC users like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The Programs

Construct 2

(Free or cost money, depends) This is a vital program you must use. Download the latest stable release for new features. I recommend buying a license for accessing important locked features like exporting to NodeWebkit.

Format Factory

(Free) This program is free. It is used to convert images, audios, videos into any format/type you want. For example, you can change an .mp3 file into .wav file instantly. To download this program: Format factory


(Free) Dropbox software is very important to upload your games via Dropbox online or to store important data. Thus, you can share your games instantly and you can submit your game via iframe by the public link you got for the index.html. To download Dropbox: Dropbox

Adobe © Illustrator

(Cost Money) Using adobe illustrator is very important and powerful software for vector graphics. It save some time and it is easy to use software, if you are pro, using this software is going to change your games into better. But unfortunately, this software is for money, but if you are willing to make successful game or game development is your profession, I recommend downloading it: Adobe Illustrator

Techsmith Camtasia Studio

(Cost Money, or free trial) This program is used for editing, joining, deleting videos and audios and images. This allows you to make professional trailers for your games and uploading them on YouTube or even your website! This can boost your views to your game because there are millions of YouTube users. Download from here: Techsmith Camtasia Studio

Resource hacker

(Free) Mini-software, the only use you will need it is because when you export via NodeWebkit, your app icon will be NodeWebkit icon. This software can change its icon to the icon you want. First use format factory to change an image into .ico file, then open your .exe app by format factory. Open the icon folder, right-click then replace resource, and then choose the icon you want and click save. Now your app has its own icon! To download: Resource Hacker

Advanced Installer

(Free or license for money for extra features ) This software with its free edition can give you many benefits for your work. This software can package your NodeWebkit app (PC app) into a windows installer package (Setup) and that is important because it allow you to burn them into discs, and you could earn money from them. Many companies use this program like Microsoft. This proofs the popularity of this software. I recommend anyone who is making PC games to download this program immediately: Advanced Installer

Nero Burn

(Trial or cost money) This software allows you to burn your setup files or apps into a disc like CD or DVD, plus it benefits you to make any burn for any file. But you must see that you need empty discs to do that, so buy a couple of empty discs to try it. To download from here: Nero Burn

Note: you can use any disc burning program but this is the best one.

At the end

Those programs are going to help you a lot in your game development process; this will help you to make excellent games for PC users. It may some costs money, but if you are a pro developer or a determined hobbyist, it worth every penny you spend on them. Hope those programs help you out! 


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