how to import animations from spriter

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Will show you how to import animations to construct 2 Spriter

1. We do animations

2. Click on the tab file and click Export Animation to Png / Gif ...

3. Set according to your preferences.

4. Click button Export

5. Save the go

6. Close the Spriter

7. Launch Construct 2

8. We open our project

9. Create a new sprite

10. right-click on a blank area of the window , called Animation Frames

11. select items Import Frames From then Sprite Strip

12. We open our file with animation

13. The first field is the number of pictures Horizontal

A second vertically .

Select as many as we set in Spriter .

And if you do not change this set so

the first field - 1

second field - 62

14. Click OK

15. Add the event OnLayoutStart Then click addAction Click on our sprite

When tab and choose Animations SetSpeed ​​and set 60

Guide made ​​a Jakub555


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