Implementing Newgrounds Medals and Scoreboards to Construct 2 project.

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I've had some problems when I try to implement Newgrounds API features such as Medals and Scoreboards into my Construct2 game.

So, I want to share my experience as a tip for others can refer.

I used godly rexrainbow's Newgrounds plugin for Construct2.


Minimal implementation for Medals and Scoreboards goes like this.


1) First, you need to put Authentication plugin into your project.

And set the App ID and AES key to it like below. (This is API 3.0 Version)

2) in the Event sheet, "On start of layout - Authentication: login" because you need to login before record scores or get medals.

3) Put Medals and Scoreboard plugins on the Event sheet too.

4) Set the scoreboard ID and Medals ID in event sheet as your condition.

You can find those number on the project detail page in Newgrounds.

Once, I failed to find right AES key and forgot to register scoreboard ID in the event sheet. And I found the solution from youtube. Though I couldn’t understand Portuguese, I managed to understand by google auto translation and got the hint.

There’s many more features and functions that Newgrounds API and rexrainbow’s plugins provide. Maybe you could learn more about it through rex’s sample .capx and Newgrounds wiki.

Hope this helps.

- Vanz


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