Implementing Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm

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Our exchange is finished. We haven't write our new random values yet. Add an "Append text" action for our "AfterText" object.

For adding extra space between values, i used quotation mark and ampersand. Our loop is still infinite and we haven't decreased "i" yet. Add another "System - Subtract from" action.

Our technique is almost complete but we have a small problem. If you run the project you can see one value is missing. In our example we used a total of 52 values (of course you can change it). But AfterText object has 51 values. Because "i" decreased from 51 to 1. We haven't write the value for "0". Add a last "System-Trigger once while true" event.

Add a "Append text" action for "AfterText" object.


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