Howto Export your project to EXE

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Howto Export your project to EXE


ClickTeam - Install Creator -

Construct 2 - HTML 5 Game Builder -

Lets get started, we're going to start this tutorial off by first exporting the game we wanted make into an exe setup by going to export project an then selecting Node-Webkit which is listed underneath the exporter were it says Desktop.

Once your project has completed exporting to Node-Webkit, Visit ClickTeam website an install ClickTeam Install Creator It's going to be required for the next step.

Making Project EXE

Once ClickTeam Install creator has finished installing your screen should look like mine an the image above with a dialog box that says Welcome to the Install creator Wizard click next. Will be using Wizard for this example tutorial rest of the tutorial will be image based.

Setting Up EXE Using Wizard Tool

Final Steps

I recommend, that you test your installer by running it on your own pc.


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