Hi-Score save w/ local storage plus full mobile game capx.

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1st) Make global variable Highscore=0 = your in game highscore variable

       Make Global variable Score=0  = your in game score variable

2nd) System - start of layout -localstorage- check for item "highscore" exist.

(highscore is the key I made up for this example but you can use anything)

3rd) Local storage-on item exist - Localstorage-set Highscore(global variable) to LocalStorage.ItemValue

4th) System - Score> Highscore - System-set Highscore to Score

                                                          -localstorage-set item "highscore" to Highscore

5th) System-every tick- set text to "Score:"&Score&"/Highscore:"&Highscore

Any questions feel free to ask just look at the capx file I included its a full game that actually is in the googleplay store now .


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  • if I have a text file that counts time in the game(making a endless runner game), can I get the time to score and to highscore