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You must be asking where I get time to do this tutorial. Well being summer holiday grandchildren’s are on holiday too. I am on my own have lots of time so helping C2 beginners. Nothing wrong in that. Many new to Construct 2 ask me Shiva how I can create superior healthbar. Furthermore text box always give me decimal readout, when I want whole numbers. I will not waste my time answering to each and everyone therefore here is tutorial for everyone. Beginners and pro too.

First open Construct 2 and create new project, name this project Healthbar.

1. Set windows size to 640, 480

2. Set layer size to 640, 480 and name it Background

3. Create layer and name it Player

4. Create layer and name it Healthbar

Once you done this on background create Tiledbackground, name it Back or whatever you like or use one below and lock it.

On player layer add 3 sprites and name it sprPlayer, sprMonster, sprFood. Place it as you wish on player Layer. Also for player you will need INSTANCE VARIABLE named Health and set it to 100. Lock it.

On layer Healthbar add 2 text and name it txtTextone, txtTextone2. Now you must be wondering why 2 text? Well to show you the difference between whole number and decimal. One box will present you with decimal while the other result will be whole number. Now create 2 Tiled Background and set size to 100, 32. Use anything that you like or use my bar below.


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