Handling Device Rotation

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I recently received an email asking how I handle device rotation, so here it is!

Create an upper most layer on all layouts and name it rotate. You need to create this layer for all layouts.

Set the rotate layer's parallax values to 0,0. Set the layer's properties to invisible.

Create a large blank, black colored sprite, and stretch it well beyond the layout size so it covers the entire window size.

Add a graphic that says "rotate device" or "turn sideways" to the rotate layer on top of the black sprite.

Add the browser plugin to your project and create the following statements for and in each layout:

Browser 》Is Portrait 》System 》Set layer 4 Visible (rotate layer)

                                                        》Set layer 3 Invisible 
                                                        》Set layer 2 Invisible 
                                                        》Set layer 1 Invisible
                                                        》Set layer 0 Invisible 

Browser 》Is Landscape 》System 》Set layer 4 Invisible (rotate layer)

                                                              》Set layer 3 Visible 
                                                              》Set layer 2 Visible 
                                                              》Set layer 1 Visible 
                                                              》Set layer 0 Visible

That's it!

Enjoy and Vote!


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