GTA Style: Enter & Exit Vehicles / Getting in and out of vehicles

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Hello, I teach a way to program your character, for him to drive a car as in GTA Classic.

I'm sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue.


Create a Sprite and give the Play name, and create animations: stop and walking.

Add the behaviors below:

- Pin

- ScrollTo

- 8Direction

Create an Instance variables

Name = isWalking

Type = Boolean

Value = true


Create a Sprite, add all the images of vehicles like FRAMES, put the name = Veihcles (image 1.2).

Do not forget to put Speed = 0 in the animation.

Add the behaviors below:

- Solid

- ScrollTo

- Car

Make as many copies you want Sprite Vehicles on the properties, change the initial frame them (to give the impression that has several vehicles).

You also can configure the behavior of the car properties individually.


Create a Sprite with size 20x20, and put the name of enterCar. It will give support to the character to enter the vehicles.

Add the behavior below:

- Pin

Put enterCar in front of Play (view image 1.3).


When you start the game:

Commands player:

Commands to access the vehicles / Getting in and out of vehicles

Well, that's it!

======== Credits ========

Game Developer: Derik D.F

Viva o Brasil. \o/



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  • Perdi toda concentração quando cheguei no Viva o Brasil kkkkk

    Top dos top o guia!

    For the "gringo" guys:

    I lost all my concentration when I arrived at "viva o Brasil" kkkkk

    Awesome guide!