Grappling hook example Capx + Splitscreen play

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Hi All.

To be fair this is not much of a tutorial, but as suggested by forum users i needed to put my Capx in this section.

It contains a ready to go Grappling hook example & Split screen play.

The Capx is not very documented but the logic is perfectly understandable.

As for the grappling functionality it basically switches back and forward between a physics behaviour and a platform behaviour.

The rest is self explainable.

The splitscreen I adapted from other examples on this forum.

It uses the new Paster plugin from ROJOhound with WebGL support.

It basically sets its X & Y to the position of the player, then copies the elements needed to canvas, then sets itself back to the original splitscreen X & Y.

It does this every tick, so you see splitscreen, but actually the 2 canvases move rapidly across the layout, and every time they are at "Normal position" they show you where the player is at.

Thanx to the great guys on the forum for that!

Kind regards.




Download now 3.42 MB

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