GPF Tutorial for Newbies / Start a New Project and Insert Sprite



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What is GPF ?

GPF stands for Game Play Format.

( I don't know what else to call it)

In a nutshell, its a tutorial that you play a game to learn from.

See Lesson 2 of the GPF Series

Click here

After reading many tutorials and watching video tutorials.

I thought to myself;

Has anyone made a tutorial using Construct 2 to make a sort of game out of it?

I mean, what better way to learn?

I searched and could not find one,

( so if you know of some, let me know in the comments please.)

Here is a link to the GPF Tut.

, click here to play the game



So I decided to make a Game Play Format Tutorial (GPF Tut) for Newbies to Construct 2.

Learn by doing and playing

So instead of the learner reading eg. "click on the blue button on the top left side of the interface", the player is actually clicking on the blue button.

and instead of watching someone on a video, say eg. "click on the file icon in the image editor",

again the player is actually doing it.

Here is the opening layout to the game:



When I first started using C2, I had a little trouble even opening a new project and inserting a sprite, I wish this tut was available then.

Go back / Back Button

The player can follow along side by side with actual C2 software and

if something isn't clear, simply slide this button (below) to go back one layout. I remember trying to follow along with a video and having to rewind over and over because the instructor maybe went too fast sometimes. That is not a problem with a GPF Tut. If you get ahead of yourself, simply slide this button and go back one step.

Oh and that reminds me - check out the smoothness of that slider, I have updated the slide effect even from my last tutorial

Zoom in

If you want to zoom in to see better:



Here is a link to the GPF Tut.

, click here to play the game




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