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How to Make Good Graphics For Games

Hello All

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In the attached file you will see that I used nice and realistic graphics , if you want make some like this follow the instructions bellow

( I used some images from Internet for make this example )

Programming is 50% and good Graphics the others 50% for make a good game

maybe you know how to use construct 3 but dont know how to create or get nice graphics for games

There are Free tools you can use to make nice graphics and a lot of tutorials on youtube



Old Photoshop / Illustrator

Corel painter



Photoshop is the most used tool to make it and there are a lot of tutorials out there , with photoshop you can make even an animation , and thats not difficult

You can make a reskin and get an object and transform it as you want

You can create a 3d object in blender or other 3d engine and save the frames for the positions you want and import to construct and as you move the player or object you change the frames as you need it and it will be 3d

To Make the animations you can use 'Spriter' and the free version allow you to make nice animations

Check out All Links from this page

Some Sites to visit to get Free Assets :

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  • hi Friend, nice share like always. I have a request, do u have any cricket game? or can u tell us how to create a bat hitting ball game? that will be very helpful and waiting for your reply.