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Hello! My name is Vincent; and I am going to give you some tips to get to the top games page and get lots of players!

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Why should you listen to me? I have created 4 games that have made it to the top games page; and all of them have stayed there for months.

Your games should probably be simple and load quickly. If the player has to read 3 paragraphs about how to play your game, it needs to be simpler. Keep the controls to a minimum; and don't make the tutorial too long. (if you need one at all) Remember, a short

and polished game is better than a long messy one! (a long polished game is even better!)

MOST IMPORTANT PART: your game needs to be fun! If you can't make something fun, make something impressive, beautiful, interesting or helpful. Make something that you would want to see!

What kind of game should you make?

A lot of the games on the top page are platformers, racing games or shooters. You can also make a tutorial game showing people how to code something tricky!

People go CRAZY over 3D tricks! Even if you just use the shadow caster behavior to make 3D cubes; or you use other easy 3D methods, people will most likely love it!

(I'm gonna make another tutorial telling you how to use simple 3D models without plugins soon!)

You need to put in effort by writing a good description, a great short description, making an amazing thumbnail and fill out the instructions section. I often see games with instructions or a description that just say something along the lines of "sgiofusgbbpuioununluncrgunlsecgunlcglunldf." In other "words," random letters. If people see your effort they will be more likely to give you a good rating. Go the extra mile!

The last tip is marketing. If you have a large social media following, ask your followers/subscribers to play your game and also ask them to rate it. If you don't use social media, you probably should. Twitter is amazing for marketing!

If you don't want to/can not use social media, I have another tip for you: play other people's games and comment on them. Don't just ask them to play your game. Play their game and tell them what you did and didn't like; as well as how you think they can improve. Be nice and encouraging!

Even if you do use social media you should probably try to do that.

Make the games that you're good at making and also that you would want to play. One of my games was inspired by a funny video. Another by a past hobby. Do it for fun. If you're not exited about it at all, you may want to consider making something else. (Don't quit just because I said to tho lol)

That is it! I hope that this helps you get more exposure, engage with the community and make great games!

Let me know if this has helped you; and consider clicking the star! Thanks!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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