GameJolt: Login, Achievements and Leaderboards Implementation

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


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Hello there! Yesterday I wanted to upload my game to Game Jolt, but due to my lack of AJAX knowledge, I was a little worried I wouldn't be complete without high-scores.

Then, I found a couple of posts in Forum, especially one from Galactic Octopus using Kyatric's plugin CBHash and made a *.capx with an example.

I had to fiddle with that for an hour or so to actually understand to what was happening, mainly because there was an example of how to assign trophies, but not scores.

Again, it wasn't that much of a painful process to be honest since the capx was really well organized and commented, but if someone had a tutorial or a walk-through,

it would have been a more seamless experience to integrate it with my game. So I'll try to do my best to guide you through the process.

Before beginning with it, you'll need to:

- Read this tutorial written by Przemek32767 about publishing on Game Jolt

- Download Kyatric's plugin CBHash and install it

- Download this capx example made by Galactic Octopus and modified by me (Added the Score function)

Once you have all this, then can move on!


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