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Interacting with the player, third version: drug and drop the right item to the right basket

Each of the three forms is present in four different instances.

For example, the Triangle has

sprTriangle Shape

Triangle Shape- Behaviors: DragDrop and BoundToLayout

invisTriangle Shape placed in the center of the sprTriangle

PopTriangle Particles , placed outside the screen

The Shapes Event Sheet starts by setting the counter Shapedcomplete=0 and then appropriately focusing the screen

When the shape is collide with the center of the target (that is represented by the invisTriangle in this case) then four things happens:

- the Triangle position center is set to the same position as the center of the target

- the Triangle DragAndDrop behavior is deactivated

- the Audio squash sound is played

- the global counter Shapecompleted is incremented of one.

Finally, if all shapes are appropriately placed, then a firework is nicely played and after 5 seconds the Title page is shown again using the Action System GoTo Title

The fireworks is generated using the Particles objects, and not the Sprite: the Particles can quickly create visual effects by creating and moving many small images independently. It is a versatile object capable of many different kinds of visual effects.


From this Layout we have learned:

- how to use multiple drop targets

- how to have specific drop targets for specific objects

- how to create special visual effects


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