How to Game Art 7 - Hue Shifting

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Last week, we took a first look at the world of color. Before moving forward with its characteristics, we are going to talk about a handy tool. Today’s tutorial covers Hue Shifting, a common color lookup technique.

Hue Shifting is a basic tool for any artist who works on computer. The principle is the following: whenever you want to create a color derived from another, you have to move its hue along with its brightness. For example, if you want to get a shadow tone from a brighter color, it is not enough to lower its brightness!

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Of course, it is not a method that can be simply apply blindly! But at least, once we have a good grasp of this tool, we learn to always pay attention to the hue of our colors. What will make a palette stand is primarily the association and the opposition of different hues!

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