How to game art 6 - A first look at colors

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After a quick digression into the realm of game design, I'm back revenue tutorial dedicated to graphics. Today's theme is a consent that is more than familiar, although pretty hard to learn. Today, we are taking a first look at colors.

For an artist, colors are a whole universe. They are one of the strongest tools we have to provoke a given feeling using only an image. We naturally associate red with violence, passion and blood. Green with nature. Blue with the sky and water… Colors bend our perception of a painting. They even tint our perception of the world: some see life through rose colored glasses while others paint everything black.

Colors do not only paint things, they depict them. They have the power to represent ideas. How? This is what we will try to discover in the next few tutorials. But to start with, let us take a first look at colors.

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