Flashlight - Shadow Casting Plugin

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Light settings

Draw full then disable. This draws the full image without shadows, then disables the plugin. It effectively turns the Flashlight object into a Sprite.

Enable redraw. Set whether the plugin will detect and then redraw the shadow shapes. If it is set to disabled and there are shadows already being rendered then these shadows will remain in place with the plugin disabled.

Light height. Set the pixel height for the light.

Light radius. Set the radius of the light source, in pixels.

Light shadows

Ignore inst – add / clear list / remove. The instance ignore list allows you to manage whether or not particular instances of an object are allowed to interact with the Flashlight object.

Ignore types – add / clear list / remove. The types ignore list allows you to manage whether or not an object type (all instances of an object type) will interact with the Flashlight object.

Shadow casting types. This allows you to choose whether the plugin uses Solids, Flashlight Shadow behavior or Other object types.

Shadow list – add / clear / remove. Manage which object types can interact with the Flashlight object, whether or not they have Solid behavior or the Flashlight Shadow behavior.


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