How to fix CocoonAds for Android and IOS

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After several construct 2 updates I noticed that at times the cocoonads plugin does not work depending on what kind of additional plugin you add to your game. Some maybe relying on cranberrygames plugins others may rely on cordova or third party extensions and this can cause issues with other plugins built for

Some of the possible fixes have been posted below. Be warned that not all these fixes will 100% fix your cocoonads but they maybe able to resolve the issue with them not showing up.

These fix can also be applied to cocoongamecentre and cocoongooleplaysocial plugins.

Make sure to first download the latest plugins from the link below

When compiling your game via export choose cordova then make sure to disable minified.

Try to disable use intel xdk project format and overwrite xdk project and have them unchecked

This third step has two procedures i've noticed that having the config.xml inside the zip may interfere with the cocoon plugins.

Once you have exported the game zip the folder with the config.xml inside it then upload it to Once you have uploaded the file now delete the config.xml from your game folder and zip it again then upload the new zip again to (without the config.xml)

These two procedures allows you to have the cranberry plugins installed or your third party plugins installed without manually having to add them via

I noticed that the cocoon plugins have issues when u compile a game with a zipped config.xml uploaded to

Once this procedure is done follow up by installing cocoon ads for android and any other cocoon plugin. you should then have all the plugins installed as shown below in the picture if you are looking into iap, ads, and gamecentre/googleplay.

Now the procedure i mentioned above may or may not work for everyone however it has worked for me and I have cocoonads running fine now without any hassles.

The other procedure is to make sure that admob shows up in your config.xml. Mines is placed at the bottom of the config <plugin name="cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob" spec="*"/>

The last but not least procedure I can think of is that sometimes admob has issues with their ad units. So when you create a new game and create a new ad unit id it may take a day for ads to show with that new ad unit id. I will update this tutorial when i find other possible fixes for ads.

For those looking for a proper example on how to install ads and plugins please follow other tutorials on the website or the ones posted on by andreas


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