How to use Firebase Realtime DB (in-depth tutorial)

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


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How to Write to your new database:

I would suggest create a blank layout to test this out on and create a blank on start of layout event like this:

Now in that new event go to the item table object and choose this:

Now on there you are shown 2 fields to enter in:

Enter what you want to identify the value as which will be needed later on to retrieve the data in the reading section.

Now click done and you will now need to send this data of by using this command:

Press it and then you'll see these fields:

You only need to change the ID field and this can be whatever you want but you'll need to remember it for later.

And you can hit Done and if you followed these steps correctly you should have your data submitted into your new database!

The Reading from a DB Tutorial will be on here soon!


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  • Reading from DB Tutorial will be here soon? The article was published in 2017 now 2019 ...