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First off i wanna thank the forums for helping me with all my problems, I wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for scirra's awesome community.

All the touchy stuff aside lets Begin.

-You wanna start by making sure your game is finished. Also make sure your title screen is the first layout because Kongregate or any other game hosting site will play what is first in your layout.

-Export that bad boy.

-Click the huge K

-Save it to a new folder and export

-Get a dropbox account(It's Free)

-Save your file in the public folder

-Find index

-Right click and copy public link

-Go to Kongregate and scroll over your name until you see the upload option.

-The Last Step is to copy your pasted url into the Iframe Section.Also make sure you tell Kongregate how big your game is. It will be blank by default. In this instance my game was 800px by 600px.

If you would like a video tutorial go to

Take Care


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