How to export to iOS as a native app without being an iOS Developer



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With the newest releases of Construct 2, you have (by default) only one choice to export to iOS: Cordova (PhoneGap). Cordova requires you to sign-up to be an iOS developer, which costs $99 a year. Not your best option. If you look back at previous releases of Construct 2, you'll notice three other options: Ejecta, CocoonJS and Intel AGI. Ejecta has only recently been removed, while the other two were removed long ago. Or were they? Turns out they weren't, just hidden by default. We can solve this by opening up the Export project dialog and right-clicking. A little box will come up that says "Show deprecated exporters". Click on it. Do the same thing in the Insert new plugin dialog, except this time it will come up as "Show deprecated plugins". When you've done this, you have access to all the old plugins and exporters. So we now have three options: Ejecta has the same fall back as Cordova, so that's off the list. We now turn to CocoonJS and the Intel AGI. I've never used either of these (And Ashley is probably way better at tutorials then anyone), so you can use these tutorials:

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