Example: Load data from Json to array and populate game card

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This was written as an example for a fellow member in the forums to show how to populate a playing card with data.

I have attached an example .Capx.

<== It can found on the left hand side of this tutorial:

What does it use?

project files Array Spritefont System Expressions Instance Variables

Instructions for usage is simple

Click the button on left to randomly draw a card.

Special Cosmetics.

Shows current card and total card

Shows card image using current card instance variable

The first card is a placeholder an is not included in shuffle (random(1,numbercards)

Numbercards is the array.width

Remember array counts 0 as 1 so you will notice for displaying total cards as a number I array.width - 1

Also I am using 2 dimensional array as I wanted to group card data together. Open json to get a better idea.

I also used instance variables, this is not needed, it was more to show a point of view of the data being retrieved.


This is filed under Capx Examples and the attached capx is the tutorial itself. It is merely as an example, and not a finished product. It is merely for demonstration purposes.



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