How to embed an HTML5 game on your website




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The Scirra Arcade has a great feature that allows you to embed any of the games on your website. It's like embedding a YouTube video, but you embed an Arcade game instead!

Firstly, visit the game you wish to embed on the Arcade, and click the Share button:

Then click the Embed option from the list.

A preview of the game will appear, with some HTML code to embed the game. Select all the HTML code and copy it. Now open up the HTML page on your website that you want the game to show in and paste the embed code into it. Some common blogging or website management platforms let you manually enter HTML code directly; otherwise you may need to update your website. Your game should now be embedded to your page!


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  • After publish to Scirra Arcade is it possible to maintain state of local variables where i am displaying it using IFrame.