Electricity Or Lightning Effect

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Hi C2 community.

This is a simple tutorial to make a Lightning effect using Photoshop.

Steps to make this effect :

1- Search for free Photoshop Lightning brushes, There a tons of free brushes you can get from the Photoshop forums.

2- Open a new Photoshop project with dark background.

3- Add a new layer and use the Lightning brush with white color.

4- Convert the layer to a smart object.

5- Double click on the layer icon and add a Outer Glow effect.

6- Duplicate the layer several times and add the Glow effect to each layer.

7- Change the layer Glow size & range form the Glow effect dialog for each layer, So the higher layer will get more Glow.

8- Export the images as png or gif.

I hope this will help you guys.


Abdullah Nasser



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