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There are many name types that you can choose for a game which will all having different effects, here are some of them.

The literal title

A literal title makes it easy to find out what the game is about without having to read a review and will be more effective on smaller game with less media coverage. Some examples include: Sonic The Hedgehog, Castle Wolfenstien or Command and Conquer.

The action title

An action title: an action title captures the spirit of the games without giving away any locations or characters. Some games with action titles include Darksiders or Gears of War

The punny title

This title makes your audience appreciate your intelligence and would be effective on a puzzle game. Game titles that exemplify this include System Shock, Half Life and Dead Space.

The random title

These titles grab your attention and make you want to find out why it was chosen but may be less memorable. An example of this is Residence Evil.

The referential title

A referential title refers to something in the game that only people who have played the game will understand. A good example of this is Halo as you don't find out what the halos are until you have played the game.

I hope this tutorial helped you and please note that title may fit into two categories.

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