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In C2 there are many ways you can make your work flow fast and easy. Many professional know this and use it there advantage. But what about the beginners? Well here is little tutorial for those whom wish to improve the work flow.

Let’s say you want to insert sprite in your project you would double click and look for sprite icon and double click it again to insert it. There is easy way double click on your project or right click and object dialog will open up which looks like this

Now right at top there is box in that box type Sprite

See how easy sprite icon came up. We can use same principal in our CODE is well. Like if you want Destroy command then just type Destroy or if you wish Start of layout, just type start and see what happens.

No.1 you can have 2 or 3 event sheets what you should do is right click the main event sheet and in the box click INCLUDE the other event sheets like below.

Long as you do this your workflow will be nice and clean and furthermore if someone else works on your project they will understand what is what.

Now for cutting and pasting for example you have two same type of code but, different objects. For this you could do this. CTRL + C to copy the block and CTRL +V to paste it. Everyone knows this therefore it is not new but what is new in C2 is see below

Now first time you press CTRLK and C you make copy which might looks like this

Now click on Alien block to high light now press CTRL and V to insert it which might looks like this

As you can see above we have same code but we only want to change one thing in this code and that is Alien so, just click on Alien So?

And then right click mouse button dialog will open and in dialog just click on Replace object so, in this case I want other sprite so this box will open

Here click on object you want replace with. I want replace Alien so click on Alien and again box will open

Now click on other sprite to replace and you will get like below

Now if you followed it exactly as I explain you would have your code like this

Well that was easy was it not?

With this method you can change code quickly and easily.

Now I have showed you this much I am sure rest you will work it out good luck and nice coding.


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