Easily Add Leaderboards to Your Game

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Setting up Playtomic

For leaderboards to work, there has to be a computer somewhere in the world that's connected to the internet and saving everybody's score. Because setting up such a computer can be quite complicated, there are companies that specialize in it. We're going to use one of them, called Playtomic. Don't worry, their service is completely free. We will use their computers to save our player's scores, and then ask for a list when we want to show them.

To get this working you will need 2 things!

Download & Install the Unofficial Playtomic Plugin

To talk to Playtomic's computers from within Construct 2, we need to install a little plugin I wrote.

> Download Here <

To install it, open the zip file downloaded and then put the 'playtomic' folder in ‘<you Construct 2 install directory>\exporters\html5\plugins’.

Now when you start Construct 2, it should be ready to use. Add a Playtomic object to your project.

Before we can start using it, we still need to give it some Playtomic account information. To fill in the SWFID, GUID, and API key we will create a Playtomic account in the next step!

Create a Playtomic Account

Go to Playtomic's website at: www.playtomic.com and click the 'Register' link.

Fill in the info, and where it says 'referred by' don't forget to write 'funstorm' :)

Log in to your new account, and you'll be at the Dashboard. To use Playtomic with a project, we first need to set it up under your Playtomic account. To do this, click 'Add New Game'. If you want to use your Playtomic account with another game later, you just need to add another new game in this way.

Fill in the info like so...

And that's it! It'll present you with the information we need to enter into the plugin we installed in Construct 2.

Copy-paste all 3 into Construct 2 to make sure you don't make any mistakes! Even a single typo will stop it from working.

Once you've entered all 3, every time you run the game a 'View' will automatically get logged. This means that the game has been viewed one more time. If you run the game a couple times and then refresh your game's information, you should see it update after a few moments.

The Playtomic plugin can be used to register and view all sorts of interesting information. For example you could record how often players die on each level to decide whether or not it is too hard. But this tutorial is about leaderboards so let's move on to...


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