Dynamic Camera Pan/Zoom based on multiple objects

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The Intro

For the recent C3Jam

, I worked on a game called BLU. Its fast-paced strategy platformer with AI enemy bots that use platformer pathfinding. In the game, you control a blue square and try to paint the arena blue, while 3 enemies with different skills and objectives, try to kill you or undo your work. Random power-ups spawn which give your character special abilities for a short time.

Rather than having a static camera showing the view of the entire arena at all times, I wanted the camera to be dynamic to achieve the following objectives:

o Focus on all active objects (player, bots, powerups) at same time

o Zoom in when objects are closer

o Zoom out when objects are apart

o Pan and follow all active objects

The result was something like this...

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You can play the game here

In this tutorial, we will see how this was done.


This tutorial builds on top of the concepts explained in another tutorial I had written for "Smooth scrolling with inertia". Please go through that tutorial first and come back here.


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