Drag and Scroll the Screen using Touch Control

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Hi Everyone!

I was looking for a way to drag the screen like we all know it from so many mobile apps and here is one method you can do it.

My goals were:

1. Acceleration according to the input

2. The movement has to stop when the finger stops

3. The movement smoothly decelerates after swiping

4. Change of direction anytime possible

5. Scroll on the edges of the viewport while dragging something

I have found a way to make this very easy and uncomplicatet, just understandable for everyone. I did not testet it in a real game yet, but i can not see a reason why this schould not work. Please give me your feedback and correct me if i am mistaken.

Edit: New .capx where the collision of the Camera Object is disabled.

Greetings from Germany!

PS: You can keep all spelling and grammatical errors ;)



Download now 609.9 KB

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  • This is exactly what I was looking for and trying to do for the longest time. Thank you very much for the awesome tutorial!!!