Dinamic Door/Gate switches

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Hello, this is my first tutorial. It's about doors and switches. It's very simple but I hope you find it useful.

First we have to create our doors and switches.

We will add to our doors an instance variable called "doorId" that will identify each door or group of doors.

Then we will add to our switches an instance variable called "targetDoor" to identify which doors will be open with each switch.

Then we have to go to our events sheet and:

Add Event


Pick by comparison

and fill the form with the following params

Here's how the event will look

This is going to pick all Door instances by the value of "doorId" that matches the value of the variable "targetDoor" on the Switch object that was activated by the player and destroy them.

And that's it. I think I'm not forgetting anything. As I said before is pretty straightforward.

Feel free to correct me if anything could get better. Sorry for my English, I'm a little rusty.



Download now 173.77 KB

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